My TV journey has taken some wild leaps in terms of content. I started in scripted comedy as an intern at Craig Kilborne’s Late Late Show. From there worked in the writers room with Tom Green and the Man Show. Man, if the “Me Too” movement was a thing then, OMG would I be so rich with settlement cash.

I became a story editor on a show called “The Player”. It was an ensemble, elimination, competition dating show for UPN. A bunch of 20 something guys lived in a house with one hot girl, The Player. She had two female side kicks that added some eye candy and gossip foibles to the table. It was essentially garbage, but I learned how to finesse story in the field and then cut for story in post. These skills were fun and felt completely second nature to me. I loved it.

Throughout the years I jumped from show to show and met some of the most amazing and creative people. Bonds were formed; relationships built; hearts were filled and broken. There were early mornings, late nights, endless days of travel, back-breaking production days, stress, exhaustion, pain, success, pleasure, stupidity, mistakes, learning curves, people managment, wardrobe malfunctions, getting yelled at by bosses, HR calls, embarrasing situations, working with talent… I have had so much life experience in my career that I can literally write a book for each show. I am forever grateful for these memories.

The last couple years of my career had me heading up ensemble cast shows where the meat of the subject matter was focused on women getting into fights with each other. I knew the landscape well and could navigate easily in the field and post. I understood the draw and the watchability of this. When the shows would air I would follow social media and see who was saying what and which arguments were stated.

The last couple of seasons were HARD. I kept hitting brick walls with network and with cast. I now chalk this resistance up to my higher self knowing that this avenue was no longer for me. Why was I putting out more hate and negativitiy in the world when it’s the absolute last thing that the world needs.

When I was fired I thought maybe I can go back to TV… but i


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