I was born and raised in Westchester County, New York where I enjoyed the cyclical beauty and magic of the changing of seasons.  After highschool I Moved to Boston, Mass. to study Film, Comedy Writing and Dance at Emerson College. My senior year allowed me the opportunity to move to Los Angeles and begin working in “the biz”.  I have lived in LA ever since. 


I have spent my adult life producing TV, becoming a wife, a mother and collecting countless stories, experiences and spiritual awakenings along the way.  I believe that moments and decisions within our timelines here on earth carry deep and divine meaning. BUT sometimes these moments and experiences seem anything but divine.  Sometimes they cause us to shut down, move inward, over-think and then get stuck.   


After producing and show running reality TV for over 15 years I felt a calling to go deeper and a need give back in a more connected way.   I took a leap of faith and set forth to develop a ground level, start from scratch, SELF- LOVE practice.  


My soul vibration began to raise and the intuitive voice that aided me as a child reclaimed full space within my heart once again.  My intuition led and continues to lead me in the direction for my soul’s highest good. With gratitude and love I am here to easefully help you to gain more clarity and healing around any facet or obstacle you may be facing in life.  

My training includes:


  • Advanced Intuitive Healer certified by Kathryn Schiff of The School Of Greater Intuitive Healing.  

  • Certified BreathWork meditation facilitator by Rebecca Kordecki of The Breath Zone.  

  • Energy Body Mastery by  Christina Pratt of  The Last Mask Center For Shamanic Healing.


Feel free to check out my client testimonials here, but below are snippets of what you might expect from a session:


  • Unexplained synchronistic phenomenon or big “A HA moments”

  • Oracle and Tarot card pulling

  • A crystal "comb out" with proprietary crystal combs of CrownWorks

  • Pendulum work

  • Laughter 

  • Mind blowing revelations

  • Take home tools, journal prompts and suggested rituals

  • A deeper connection and understanding of self

  • A deeper understanding of a situation; relationship; issue; career or creative outlooks

  • Welcomed feelings of bliss and love


Every experience is unique to the individual but whatever presents itself is what you are ready to receive.