Energy Healer & Breathwork Practitioner

Meet Amanda

From early childhood I received the call from spirit to my higher self.  It was an innate and deep knowing that allowed me to feel at home, unconditionally loved and fully present.  I believe we all have access to this voice within ourselves. I want to share my tools and gifts to help you gain connection to your HIGHEST SELF and allow for a more deeply present and connected life. 


By utilizing psychically grounded tools I look at energy coming off your physical space and find out what is coming up to be healed. I begin by seeing what kind of growth period you’re going through and receive messages that will inform you of your next steps.  

The breathwork I practice is conscious, circular breath all done through the open mouth to music.  I believe breathwork, when done with an open heart is the most transformative, active meditation and has the ability to allow for major shifts and divine clarity in just one session.

Same idea as the Omakase offering of a sushi chef. You allow me to intuitively read the energy around what’s needed in this present moment for healing.  I then pull from my bag o’ spiritual tools and assist you in feeling more grounded and connected to yourself and source.




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